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I purchased a cell phone from this company and they were supposed to take the money out of my bank account. Everything went fine for about 5 months then the automatic draft stopped. When I called the company and gave them my new bank information they proceeded to call me every day for now 9 months to tell me that my new bank refuses to let them get their money from my account. When I talk to the bank themselves I was told Progressive never... Read more

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...but I used Progressive several times because of the no interest financing and because I didn't have to come out of pocket with nothing but $40.00 (Big Lots) at the time of purchase. I have $2700.00 in credit with them but I never use more than maybe $1000.00 at a time because 90 days comes up pretty fast. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this finance company!! One time I went over my grace period, it was my fault for not setting a reminder I had to pay a... Read more

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Happy with Progressive!!! I have done 3 leases with Progressive, all in Walmart. I was denied, initially, but when I called to find out why the operator asked me a few more questions and approved me. Apparently, I made a typo when entering my address. It's certainly not for everyone but it does give those of us with no credit history, (or bad), a way to buy higher priced things...since Walmart only does lay-a-way at Christmas. Sure, it's... Read more

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I used this program several times. I go in and change my payment so it can be paid off in 90 days

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Had 3 loans with this company, no issues with payments. A++++

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Usually receive emails stating that they're going to be taking a deposit received a 54$ charge not expecting it because they decided not to email me stating so and then proceeded to be unable to give me an answer as to why that was. Also at no point did their retailers that they do business with explain that if not paid off in 90 days they put you in a 1 year lease that charges you almost double the amount of whatever you're purchasing. All in... Read more

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I can't understand why there are so many negative reviews. I have had two loans with Progressive and I've never had an issue. You set up your payment dates and purchase based upon what you can afford. They email you well ahead of time to let you know it's coming out of your account (every pay day) AND you can call three days before the due date and tell them if you can't afford to pay and they will let you pay on the next pay date and you'll... Read more

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My name marjorie rush i purchase aqueen bed 3box spring which came to 1000 and i didnt know they charge me 800 dollar tax until after Read more

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I guess they just take out whatever they want whenever they want to.

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Had an issue were they were suppose to take out a certain amount monthly.but they took more than one payment on several occasion. Would like to finish a payment plan.but I make payments with a money order.not to be given my debit card account was frauded by them before with taking two payment at a time.can work out a payment plan and I am willing to work with that.

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