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If people would read things before they agreed to terms I think maybe reviews would be more favorable. I'm on my 5th lease agreement with progressive and I have to say that I read all the terms before purchase and they make it very clear about the different payoff options. I'm approved for $1000 but there is no way I would ever top out my lease. Just don't spend more than you can afford to payoff in 90 days. They even give you a few days grace... Read more

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I got a phone with this company and is a ripp off they tell you one thing and charge you another Add comment

Terrible to work with misinform you on your same as cash day so they can make you pay more don't pick up the merchandise when you want to return it I've cancelled for 3 months because of moving and I've had to haul the merchandise with me. It's a whole bedroom set. Would never recommend then I will never do business with them again !! Add comment

Looks like i was one of the lucky customers. I was given all the information up front and had a chance too pay interest free if paid prior to the 90 day mark. I decided to extend the time i paid for an extra couple of month to better fit my budget and was able to have the needed car repair i want able to otherwise afford at the time. I feel if people would take the time to read the documents and understand what they are signing up for there... Read more

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I went and got a cell phone -I have the receipt -the phone was 700.00 --they approved me for 1000.00--- so they said I would get all the information via email. Well I certainly did and found out if I don't pay this off within 90 days --I will be paying 1700.00. That is criminal. They have some lame excuse why. I don't appreciate the deceit and not being up front about this. How can I be approved for only 1000.00 and they say I will owe... Read more

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I have used this company 3times...yes interest. Is high but they were only ones. To give me credit.....i pay off within 90days.....they have been nothing but helpful and i get great customer service. Add comment

The first time I used them, I bought a sectional sofa, and it was great, then about 2 months before I paid it off, I blew a tire and needed new ones. I called and spoke to a representative and she directed me to a ProShop and it was great, because they had my specialty tires. Progressive allowed me to get a new loan, as long as I made a promise to pay for the final two payments. The only dissappointing thing was, because I did not pay off... Read more

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I made a purchase at Big Lots with that 90 day Progressive Financing deal. They are charging me 6.50% sales tax on each weekly payment, and when I went to bulk pay $250.00 to be within the 90 days, they debited me $266.25 with the same sales tax. That was not my agreed payment and how can they just debit my account whatever they want? How is that even legal. I paid sales tax on the purchase. They are charging me sales tax on my payments too.... Read more

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Progessive leasing is of the worst companies around. They have outrageous interest rates and additional charges that are added even after they claim to be a 90 day same as cash intrest free program. Please save your money. In addition to taking advantage of people the have poor customer service. Read more

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My better half and i had about 1600$ in upgrade work to two vehicles at the same time. We decided that financing for the credit boost was a good idea, but not needed. We verified with the retailer that credit reports would be made, but not with the "Leasing" company. We are keeping within the 90 days same as cash, but these people aren't taking money from accounts like they are supposed to (and claim they are). Now we find out that they never... Read more

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