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I used them to buy a mattress. They give you a contract which states all the rules and guidelines very plainly, and easy to read. You are given an option to pay off the loan for no interest - the additional 60.00 $ fee. It states what happens if you do not. There are no freebies in the world of business. If you can't read then don't sign a contract, and then complain if you fail To live up to your end of it Read more

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I purchased a sectional from BigLots in December. I was told I could pay it off interest free within 90 days, or continue payments if I couldn't. I totally forgot about how long I had had couch due to some family issues taking my attention. I noticed the 90 days were up by 2 weeks. I contacted to go ahead and pay off. I expected a slightly higher payment than what my balance should be, but I was told the payoff was basically the same amount I paid for it originally. Now I will have over $1000 in a sectional couch I "bought" for $629, ... Read more

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On average I am contacted 10 times a day for collections;they leave voice mails for every call. They normally call twice in a row from different telephone numbers throughout the country. They call from 6:00 AM to 10:PM everyday including sundays. I bought a mattress from a store they offer financing. The mattress was very expensive and the quality failed within the first 60 days of owning it. The mattress store refused to replace so I will not pay for that the side of it fell apart. I have contacted progressive finance several times to advise... Read more

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When I asked about the leasing requirements at the store, a employee informed me I had ONE day to use the $1650 I was approved for. Anything I didn't spend I'd have to reapply to use. My payments were set up to come out of my account every two weeks. They did NOT tell me I had 90 days to pay off the $700 I spent. My bi-weekly payments were NOT enough to pay it off in 90 days. I'm now faced with paying over $800 that I did NOT use. I called Progressive and complained and explained EXACTLY how it was stated to me in the store. My account was... Read more

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I bought a phone for like 500 it turns out to the final price was 1300 ... This is really crazy I'm going to case on this company Add comment

PLEASE READ THE CONTRACT!!! I bought a $500 mattress from a store that said 90 day same as cash. I paid $300 of that within 90 days and still was charge another $400 on top of my monthly payments. At the end of the day I'm paying $1,000 for a $500 bed. The people at the store would not go over the contract with me, they kept saying you'll get a copy and pretty much lied about what it says. Please if you have the cash use it. DO NOT USE PROGRESSIVE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT, YOU WILL PAY DOUBLE SOMETIMES TRIPLE THE PRICE. THIS IS THE BIGGEST RIPPOFF... Read more

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Absolutely the worst company i make 160k a year no debt gave them my credit card to take out 90 a week .. couldnt do that right.. never got answers when i had questions on how they just had to push a button each week.. matress firm was the company.... Read more

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So I found a soft leather sectional I liked at Big Lots. I leased it through Progressive Financial on Dec 1st 2015. I wasn't able to log into the online account to look at things until just today April 7th 2016. The price of the couch was $799, but my account payoff was $1,742.85. I called them and they said it was stipulated in my contract that the lease price was 1.9 the cost of the couch. This was never explained to me (even if it was in the contract). If explained correctly, no one in their right mind would pay more than the price of a... Read more

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I purchased a washer and dryer through Progressive Leasing within 90 Days from K-Mart. I read my contract and then called to confirm what I read with a representative from Progressive. This company as well as Why Not Lease It are there to help customers with credit problems or that are unable to purchase items needed at full-price. I only paid $72.00 extra for a $720.00 total purchase for quality washer and dryer and saved much more than financing or leasing long-term. I know life happens but make sure you can afford payments monthly every 28... Read more

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This company hides behind a no-credit financing label, but misleads people to signing a year-long contract where they will charge you FOUR-TIMES the cost of what you are buying. In my case I was buying a discontinued mattress from Mattress Firm for $400 that ended up costing $1,600 (FOR A MATTRESS ONLY) by the time I paid out the contract. You are NOT financing with Progressive Financial, you are leasing. BIG DIFFERENCE. By leasing, they get around maximum interest rates because they are not loaning you money. That wasn't explained at all to... Read more

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