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Had an issue were they were suppose to take out a certain amount monthly.but they took more than one payment on several occasion. Would like to finish a payment plan.but I make payments with a money order.not to be given my debit card account was frauded by them before with taking two payment at a time.can work out a payment plan and I am willing to work with that.

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This company is horrible. I was told my application was denied due to incorrect bank information. The representative told the bank info was with wachovia and as I input my bank routing number the bank info automatically popped in. I did screen shot my application and it did not say Wachovia. Then they told me to send 90 days of bank statements. I was told my account had not been open long enough. I have been with the bank almost 10 months.... Read more

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My husband and I bought a couch and dining room set from Big Lots almost a year ago through the payment plan option. The information VERY CLEARLY stated that they would pull the payment amount out biweekly along with our pay schedule. This means on a Friday every two weeks. Now they're suddenly pulling the payments out whenever they bloody feel like it. In the middle of a week, or like this last time, AN ENTIRE WEEK EARLY. My family is not rich... Read more

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I am representative payee for a person that they approved and account for without my knowledge. the total charge was $600.00 at $85.00 a month from bank account. So far they have collected $765.00 and refuse to give me a copy of contract. I do intend to stop these payments. I think $165.00 interest for 9 months is enough. I will be going to the bank to stop this plus I will notify Social Security. I want a copy of any contract he has signed.... Read more

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I HATE this company.. NOBODY at big lots explained that you would be paying almost DOUBLE for your purchase with Progressive. My total was 865.00 plus tax so around 900. We are charged $73 biweekly ($146) .. $73 times 12 months is $1,752! My bed was $500 and my couch was $365 ! How the F*** Do I owe almost DOUBLE for what it's worth. NOBODY told us about that. This place is a rip off and stay far away!!! I will be telling EVERYBODY I know how... Read more

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Please be advised about a company called accessoriesexotic who is connected to progresssive leasing, they are rip offs to the bones, they will tell you that you're getting this in a loan, but in reality you're not, if you get 1500 in a lease they get the 500 and give you the remainder and you have to pay it back the whole loan, but it's like you're returning merchandise for the money and never see the merchant. Read more

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Though a lease agreement can be hard to understand sometimes, when you have nowhere else to turn it sure is a blessing to have them around. You have read the contract carefully to fully understand the pay off in 90 days, if interested. The sales tax charged on each payment. And most of all remember this company has to turn a profit as well as the retailer. For someone like me that has totally messed up my credit and only has option like this... Read more

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Progressive has taken renters insurance out of my checking account without my knowledge nor have I signed up for it

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I have No complaint about progressive finance , I use it at both ,walmart and big lots stores , have purchased at least 4 items ,so far and I think its a pretty awesome program for those of us with less than awesome credit, so,just wanted to say Thanks for making this available Read more

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When you have automatic payments set up and THEY cannot get it right in their system, and then take multiple amounts out of your account without your consent...THAT is horrible service. Stay far away from this company! My husband used Progressive to buy something. We have had nothing but issue after issue with them. We have held our end of the agreement. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone in this office knows what they are doing. Every single... Read more

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